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Mar 19, 2010



Excellent post! I love it - especially the pb alternative!

Can I throw in one reminder? Please don't hang feeders too low - it makes it easy for cats to prey on the birds! I have done a ton of work fixing feral cats and people often accuse them of being excessive hunters -- but a lot of times it's because people put feeders out and don't keep the birds out of harm's way and the cats get blamed for it.

Higher feeders mean more birds alive and less cats hated!

Renee Garner

That's an excellent point. Also the lower the feeder the easier it is for squirrels to jump up and get all the good stuff before the birds do.

Amanda Wright

I made some suet-less peanut butter suet cakes using vegetable shortening instead of animal fat. They fit in a regular sized suet feeder. The birds seem to love it even more than the store bought variety! Here's my recipe:


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