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Feb 18, 2010



Absolutely adorable!!!

three critters

those beds are way too cute but I know for a fact none of my 3 kitties would use them, which is a shame

Miss Modish

Yeah, I wonder if mine would...they usually choose my lap or a pile of papers or a sweater in the closet or something ;) But I bet if this bed was placed in a sunny window they'd love it!

patricia wood

ooOOOoo... Fabulous!!


my little boy made one for our kitty cat for a school project. we LOVE it. i should blog about it. haha!

xo, james.

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awwww, how sweet! Now, if only my kitties would actually sleep in one (and not my bed!).


i have a project like this in mind for the spring, once i can get outside and paint away my vintage suitcase stack. fun!

bridget Hunt

they are SOOOO CUTE


these are so freaking adorable!!!!


So beautiful! But I don't think my cat would use it. She likes beds. :/ (but if I was a cat, I would love having one of this)


These are beautiful!


Oh how fabulous! My kitty loves to sleep on suitcases, now he would have his own suitcase to sleep on. Smart idea!


This is so cute! My cat Satee loooves suitcaces and well, just about any bag she can get into. Supe cool idea!


I have a cat, Mabel, and now I want to get an old suitcase to refurbish for her to sleep in.

Laurie H

HA! OMG I bet my kitties would love these! We travel a lot in my family and both cats use any opportunity to sleep on or in the suitcases when we leave them around! This is a genius idea!


WoW!!! Amazing idea!!


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My Iggy loves to sneak into bags of any kind, but this is probably not challenging enough for him. Well, he's not much for design, but I love these.


Smart idea. Cats just love suitcases. However, I'd rather just make my own. Plus, I don't really like the legs on them.

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