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Feb 26, 2010



I love this and really want to make one right now!!!


this is AWESOME! I'm totally going to do this!!! the teacup on the chronicle books blogs is super cute, but your arrangement is definitely my favourite. thanks for sharing!

Becka @Studio222

Well this is just gorgeous. I'm already planning where I can put it in our new studio space. I love the look of things like this and have been itching to incorporate terrariums throughout the space so this is perfect. And I"ve never seen one as gorgeous as this so this one wins as my favorite! :)


What an awesome idea! Thanks :D I'm totally in love with using the tea light holders.


This is the first I have heard of air plants! This project looks fantastic and beautifully photographed. Thanks for the ideas!


Simply stunning and so easy. A project I've been wanted to do with air plants is to attach them with magnets onto wire (like the cable + magnet kits for photos) and hang the wires from the ceiling in front of the frosted window in the bathroom. And with all the spanish moss we have around here, I thought this would make a great project also: http://bit.ly/ahokMh

ashley k

this is sooo beautiful! i love the air plants in the beakers...but i think i may love this more. i would rig it above my table.


Very inspiring! I'd love to do an air plant terrarium for my office. And I've got a great square vase left over from my birthday flowers that would just be perfect.


I put mine in the bathroom too! http://bit.ly/bD5m1r


I would really love to have an air plant chandelier in my new studio! (it will be a studio when it gets unpacked, I promise). My favorite air plant is the caput medusae, I really like the way it goes from a pretty green to a gorgeous purply-pink color :D


I've tried having air plants before but sadly they died in the move to college and I never got the chance to replace them. Mine our put in a large round, sphere shaped vase with river rocks on the bottom.


i lovethe Arhiza-Juliae x Pruinosa plant, it looks like some creepy under-water creature:) and yes - i would also have mine in my bathroom:)

thanks for the post!


i think these would be so pretty hung up around a bed with twinkly lights :)

Jessica McCoskey

thanks for the glass holder links! we do some pretty neat things with air plants over here. www. myhouseparty.net

Emma N.

i really love yours! what a great use of the cb2 candle holders!

Jeanne Tremel

What a great idea! I loved seeing this after a day of (although very pretty) snow in Brooklyn. I need some color and life in my apartment and I'm so excited to be reminded of these air plants again. I had some years ago! Thank-you! Have fun everybody. (and I love to crochet, too.)


I have not had these since I was a really little kid when they were sort of "in" then too... in the way where old ladies who hated watering would get them! My mom and I killed ours because we were newbs and lately I've seen all these great chandliers or air plant curtains and I lusting after them!

My project: I'd make myself a little crown to wear them with, or a necklace! When I'm not wearing them I suppose I could keep them in nifty glass jars (sorry, no money for the fun bubble glass things above!)


My mom had some airplants in her bathroom that added a bit of whimsy and lightness to the stark room - I would love to put some in some rocks I have with holes in them. Your chandelier idea is brilliant (ha).


Not to sound absolutely redundant, but I'm really digging your airplant chandelier project and hope to do it myself! Thank you!


Wow....I have never even heard of these until this post. I adore that chandelier. It seems so whimsical. This would look so fun in our sunroom or even in the kitchen where my children could see them. :)


the chandelier is amazing...i'd love to make one for my room!


I love pigeon toe ceramics use of air plants with their pottery; beautiful post!


Oh, I've been wondering where to buy those glass candle holders. I'll be ordering some of those, and they can hang near my cacti and succulent collection that rests in my workspace windowsill.
Thanks for the link and the giveaway! Love your pics and crocheted hangers :)


I think it would be pretty to have air plants hanging down in front of the kitchen window - like a living curtain.


ooh i LOVE air plants! i have a bunch from the farmer's market and they never die, which is good for me lol. my favorite air plant project is finding ways to display them, one of which is my favorite: putting an air plant inside a pretty shell :) simple and pretty.


I love this project. It's totally unique and fun.

a place to be inspired and to inspire others


I like them in terrariums scattered around the house, and my partner had a staghorn fern that we were just dying to mount on the wall (unfortunately it died before we could), but I absolutely love love this chandelier! I must make one...


Amazing! I'd never heard of air plants at all before. This is wonderful! Whimsical and...did I say amazing?!


I adore airplants...but don't have any as of yet! I love the candle holder idea! :)

JoAnn Lupton

I would love to do something like the miniature terrariums by http://www.etsy.com/shop/tortoiselovesdonkey in my bathroom. The beaker idea is great too.

CorrieLee Klentzman

I love your idea!!! I just recently found out about air plants when I saw this project: http://bit.ly/bN6zyT

All of these ideas are great, can't wait to try one out. Thanks for the post!

christina- floresdelsol

i would love to incorporate them hanging in the upsidedown plant hangers i've been seeing everywhere. those are so modern and lovely im thinking of purchasing one or two!!


I was just guest posting about terrariums over at forthebirdsblog.com. I love'em! I'm such a black thumb -and we have no easy surfaces for real plants with a 1 year old loose in the house!
This is a brilliant and super easy idea. I'd probably put one right by my "desk" (the dining room table) so I can see it when blogging, designing, etc. etc. etc.


This is the best idea! Love it and can't wait to get the supplies and hang them right over our big window. vintage depression glass would also make for great terrariums with the sum sparkling off from the different colors.

carly christiansen

I'm obsessed with air plants - I don't have any yet but I hope to fill the huge sun window in my new apt with all types of air plants... i don't have a green thumb, so i'm hoping I can keep some air plants alive

Alice Benjamin

I would use it in my office where I desperately need to infuse more life!


I really really love these. I would love to put little succulents in them and maybe a little garden gnome.


I love these ideas, especially the ones where the air plants might be out of reach. I gave my mom some air plants a while back and her new kitten literally stalked them and destroyed them. He really had it out for those harmless little air plants.

Teresa Novak

I love this idea. I haven't seen any of the other ideas yet, but I have been admiring the bubble chandeliers eventhough I have no place for one. But I could find a place for this!

Katie | RunawayOctober

I really like the light bulb terrariums by Hipster home, that use airplants. Very similar concept to this. http://thehipsterho.me/2010/01/how-to-make-a-tiny-terrarium-in-a-light-bulb/


mine has always been the airplant in a shell, it brings back childhood memories of seeing them in grocery stores. this looks like a really elegant project, much more respectful to the plant then hot gluing it into a shell!


Yours is the best idea i've ever seen!

Vegas Liz

This Air Plant Chandelier is my new project!

It is hard to grow indoor plants in this dry environment so this is a wonderful idea!

I love it!

I think I will make different types of them for the different seasons! Like using cut flowers during spring and winter for the holidays.

Alison Gilbert @ MyDesignDreams

I love this idea! My favorite is that ceramic elephant planter on shelterrific... so cute. Consider me entered in the contest?!


I am thinking a series of wine glasses with varying heights of air plants will create a great center piece for my table. Love your chandelier though!


Great look, I'd love to try to replicate this.

Renee Garner

Hi Alison--I'm sorry, this contest was in February. There will be more, so keep your eyes peeled.

Melanie Wilson

this one is my favorite!

Sheryl Hennekey

My Dad grew up in Florida and the trees were full of Tillandsias of every size and shape - I would collect drift wood and attach the little plants - some became hanging art others graced the tables and windsills. I would drape spanish moss over a large driftwood piece that held a staghorn fern - I just loved how these plants would take me back to Florida even in the colds NY winters when I would move the plants to the bathroom to create a steamy peaceful retreat for them and me.


This is a sensational idea. It is gorgeous and does not take up much space especially when you live in a small apartment you can use all the space saving ideas you can get.


After I saw your post, I had to make my own air plant chandelier: http://thezenofmaking.blogspot.com/2010/04/how-to-make-air-plant-chandelier-with.html

Thanks for the inspiration! (I credited you with a link in my post.)

Account Deleted

Hey any one here can help the newest lover of Airplants where i can get them in Mumbai, India

Nora Mcfall

i do love my air plants.i have them in old wine glasses in my kitchen.i would love to get some spanish moss,to hang from some of my many plants.please email me,,if you can gather and send me some..noramcfall@yahoo.com ,i would greatly pay you.

Nora Mcfall

these are the easiest plants to care for,and such a joy to havein my collection of house plants.now i need some spanish moss


Thanks you for sharing your love of air plants, my mother used to have a candle shop and used to also sale air plants as well, she passed away last year. I heard from a nurse that air plants are very good for respitory patients who are indoors most of the time, what about air plants around birds,cats,dogs,and rabbits? are their any they should not be near, I would love to have some in my home, but what about my birds? can they hang near them? you have my interest in knowing more, and reminded me of a younger time in my life when family and business could be fun.

Debbie Lakies

I bought a really cute planter at good will. it looks like small crocks, 3 on the bottom all attached and 1 sits on top of them. I didn't know what I would put in it until now. I'm on the hunt for air plants locally.


This project is amazing! I've never seen anything like it. Can't wait to try my own. :)

Gabe @ Modern Plants

They look good with a little sand or pebbles to... http://www.modernplants.com/products/hanging-air-plant-terrarium-kit-teardrop

That braided string looks really good!


Where do you find the glass?

Scott J

Great post! I also like to put a votive candle in one or two of the glass orbs to create a very cool air plant night light!

Scott @ AirPlantShop.Com


Can you overwater? I was told to mist mine daily.

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