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Feb 16, 2010


Melissa B.

Great post! We live in Eugene and LOVE driving up to Portland whenever we can. Such an amazing city!

Tenacious Textiles

Thank you for beautiful posts!

laura trevey

So true about music... it links your memories together!

xoxo Laura


love you momma!! you're the most brilliantly beautiful lady i could've ever hoped to find in a bazillion lifetimes. you make it all too easy to stand by you! again...i love you to no end!!

Rebecca Stees

I love that you focused on the personal.
( My sister moved to Portland and is in love with it also)


I love that Portland picture!


Great post! I am always happy to see a new Modish blog post in my RSS feed...so I thought you should know you are inspiring to me most definitely! And now I'm off to find you on twitter too! :)


great post, thanks for sharing


Hey there! Just found your blog and wanted to give a quick shout out and tell you I think it's the tops. And seriously, Oregon is flat out awesome. I live in the desert where there are totally different sources of inspiration (clearly) but I love, love, love Portland and have traveled there often. This post reminded me why. Looking forward to getting to know your blog more!


I feel the exact same way about Portland. It is such an amazing city with great people and remarkable talent! Thanks for posting this!


I've been plotting and planning a move to PDX for four years now. Posts like this egg me on big time. Now about those grandparents....how can we convince them to let us go? :)

karin maier

I really do think Portland is the place to be...I'm not there yet - but a visit maybe? So many of you talented folk are from Portland !


Great Post.
Had no idea the city of Portland was such had such a boho vibe.
Could be a potential great city to shoot a panoramic for our site that we have just launched.


Thanks for this post. I'm considering moving there. Can you recommend a good resource for me that would be helpful? I now live on the East Coast but Portland is looking very attractive to me.

betsy and iya

I see my feet!!! And I'm so glad that they're right next to yours. you are, quite simply, the best.

Miss Modish

haha! it's so cute you recognize your feet!

Manvi Drona-Hidalgo

really enjoyed your post. portland sounds fun. thanks for sharing your inspirations.

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