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Jan 22, 2010



this is a great shop, i found my cream oxfords i've been wanting!!


Love this shop. I try to avoid buying leather.suede, etc, but I justify it's all right if it's vintage. I lust for the angle top black boots above!


oh my gosh!! i think i used to own a pair of those blue plaid sneakers!! :)

Lisa - Handmade Evolution

this post makes me so happy! I love shoe shopping but I've been holding back for the last few years. I finally really *need* a new pair so the timing is perfect :)


The problem is it seems pretty impossible to find vintage shoes in a 9.5 - even something as big as a 9 is pretty rare!


OMG what a great find! i'm obsessed w the little brown oxford pumps w the brassy lacy things...sadly, not in my size...but i'll keep checking back - thanks for sharing!

Miss Modish

Oh I know, I wear a 9.5-10 and can rarely ever find vintage shoes in my size- I have a couple, but theyre both from the 70s. Im sure Ill never find something that fits from the 60s back, except maybe a pair of mens shoes! ;) 


Wow, what a great shop! You have definitely helped feed my shoe addiction :)

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