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Jan 06, 2010



Love this idea! I'd be hesitant to post photos of any of my daily outfits online. You should blog about how to successfully shop at thrift stores! (No, wait - simplify) :)




How cool!

Pins + Paper

Very cool idea! I have to admit I do wear my PJs all day and this made me realize I should take care in my appearance, even if I do stay at home all day :)

~ Kristen


OOh! This is a fabulous outfit. I am a big fan of primary colors together.

laura trevey

I love mixing the colors up!!


I started photographing my outfits too - not because I don't dress poorly every day (because I do), but to try to STOP doing it!



ohhhh, amy and I are so going to join in on this!! : )


love it! I'll have to join in... but not today! ;)

Miss Modish



I would do dirty, horrible things for that sweater.

Miss Modish

haha!! it's definitely an everyday favorite of mine

Mallory @ MissMalaprop

Funny... we must be on the same wavelength... one of my goals for 2010 has been to get back into taking more outfit photos again. I used to do wardrobe remix (http://www.flickr.com/groups/wardrobe_remix/) pretty regularly, but then I broke my camera and I've been using my mom's for the last year or two, which doesn't have much of an autotimer option. I just ordered a new camera though, so hopefully I will get back in the habit of outfit photos soon! (I do find it a little strange though that the bloganistas group doesn't want you to include your face? I like seeing people's happy smiles with their outfits!)


Love the yellow sweater and shoes.
Great idea !!


this is a really great idea. and what a cute outfit. that shade of yellow has been a favorite lately.


love this idea! my photoshoots will look like someone stalking me everyday at college...so not an option for me!

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