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Jan 14, 2010



Am I the only one who's never thought of putting a magnet on my sewing machine to hold pins? That is genius!

Beth H

no, i'd never thought of it either! it IS pure genius. i know some people don't like to have a magnet near their machine though, for fear it will somehow interfere with the mechanisms. anyone know anything about that?


I have a couple Crystalyn Kae bags also and love them.

I am completely floored by seeing the fabric with the green velvet stripe and floral in the 4th photo--my mother's bridesmaids gowns were made out of that ('60s wedding!) and about 10 years ago she made me a purse from the scraps. I *never* thought I'd see that fabric anywhere else. Amazing!

Miss Modish

hah, that's crazy! What a small small world ;)


I think it's the computerized machines that don't like magnets.


love the bags

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