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Nov 16, 2009



Congratulations on your grand opening! The shop looks great. I love the plaid coat. :)


I get to be the first to comment. Yay! Congratulations, the shop looks fantastic. And you certainly make the clothes sing.


congrats on the grand opening. love your photography and styling!


Your shop looks great Jena!


good job momma!!!!

Down and Out Chic

yay, so exciting! heading over now...


Whoever buys that animal print dress better look as good in it as you do! It looks amaaazing on you...
Anyways, heading over right now!


Yay Jena,
Congrats on the opening of your shop and on sales already!
The photos look great.

Rebecca Kerr

Congrats, love this photo of you.


Yippee ki yay! Or something like that. Looks amazing - and things are selling like hotcakes already!


Whoo! That seemed like the fastest shop launch ever, well done you! :D I'm definitely going to be adding you to my favourites sellers. :)

In Honor Of Design

congratulations! Will definately be marking as a favorite!

My @ tha Hotness

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Looks great!


So happy for you! The shop looks great (love that plaid coat dress) -- and you look Hot! :)

gypsy alex

It helps when the model is totally gorgeous! :) Looks great, Jena! Congrats! xo

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