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Nov 13, 2009



Love the new look Jena.

Lee May

Good work Jena! I have a thing for mountains at the moment, those photographs are gorgeous.

Account Deleted

Looks great! love how you did the slices of the scene on the sidebar banners!

lesley [smidgebox]

fabulous! what a perfect look for the upcoming winter :)


Wow, Portland is beautiful! What inspiring photos...I hope to make it there someday soon. I love the new look of Modish, too. Great job!


It is beautiful. Nature is the best inspiration. And being a NW girl myself, I especially love it :)


very pretty!

tricia mckellar

Love the new look! Looks like Aunt Julia's old photo albums. Nostalgic... :)


I like the new look as well. It's different than anything I've seen before but still retains your unique style. Have a fabulous weekend!

Kathryn Cole

Jena, I love the new look!

Erin Prais-Hintz

Love the new look! You are rising to new heights!
Enjoy the day!


Your blog is beautiful so happy to have found it :)


awesome awesome awesome! i love the mountain!

Jamie Z

My first thought, "awwww home :)" I love it, but then again I may just be a little partial since nothing can compare to the real mountains and rivers of the PNW I grew up with.


Having grown up in the northwest and only took vacations to nearby mountainous places, this is my favorite aesthetic ever! I love the new look. These photos are amazing, too.


The new look totally confused me for a moment there! What is this place? Where am I? (o_O) But now that I've figured out where I am... loving the new look. :D


I love the new header!


I love the new look!

Great resource too. Thanks for sharing.

Slumptown Glass

love the new look.

Megan Leone

Love love love the new look Jena! The colors are gorgeous!


love the new look + these photos are very inspiring, especially the 2nd from last one.


I love it. I love nature. The beauty is so hard to comprehend. It reminds me of the creator.

Kim B

I like it, it feels warmer and more 'vintage.' Though, the blog title is sort of lost due to its placement. But I really like that mountain.

Miss Modish

Yay! So glad you guys like it and get the vibe I was going for- thanks for all the wonderful comments!

Kelly Warren

love the new look! really really really love how you sliced the picture up in the sidebar buttons! very cool! you should do a tute on that! :-) off to check out the library of congress photos. sounds like a great treasure trove.


looks fabulous and so true to the "feeling" of you blog.

happy weekend! xoxo


Love the new banner - very '50s / vintage sports poster' in style. The colour scheme and button designs also work well. Thumbs up all round!

The photographs in your latest post are also divine. That sepia finish to the pics works so well.

Have a lovely weekend.



I Love!
It was even in my dream last night it's so beautiful! haha Makes me want to go traveling to somewhere far away from this NJ city of mine : )



It's fabulous!!

Miss Modish

Oh my goodness, what a wonderful compliment! That just made my day. Thanks Christine!



Love the vintage feel of the photos!


I love the new look, tanks for sharing this pictures!


Loving the old ink-coloured photos - the colours are stunning, I think I'm going to go hunt around library archives for some gems like these!


wow! These photographs are beautiful! What a good find, thanks for sharing :) Also, LOVE the new look <3


Totally digging the new design!

betsy and iya

Oh Jena, I love it so so so so much!! wonderful!!

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