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Oct 19, 2009


erica k

everything looks lovely! it's such a good feeling starting something that feels like the true you - even if it took 333 attempts to get there ;)

best of luck!

lisa romero

ooooh! congrats on the new business endeavor and looking foward to seeing words along with your pictures. been a big fan of your pics on flickr for a while now. hugs and champagne to you!


yay! this is exactly what i've been looking for - someone to teach me the ways of vintage. seems silly, i know. but i'm totally lost.

can't wait to learn about your goodies, your shop, and your sense of vintage style, jena!

way to go!


yayayayay! this all sounds great--even just your expression of the journey that brought you to this decision is thoughtful and exciting. so congratulations! i can't wait to read more. i'm subscribing already.

daisy janie

Ohhhh Jena!! What a wonderful fit for you! You'll get to bring together so many of your loves and creative meanderings...and it so much fun to build something, isn't it? An outfit, a photo shoot, a website, a blog...a business! To thine own self be true, girl! May it bring you warm joy and cold cash all at once. :)


I'm so excited for you! I'm a big admirer of your finds and your "voice", can't wait to see this new facet of you. Congratulations! I'll be cheering you on.

J. Vorwaller

Totally excited to see what you find for us!! Congrats Jena!


Yay! You're all so sweet, thank you so much! You're getting me all jazzed up now! :)

betsy and iya

you're the greatest and I'm so excited for you. Can I join you on a shopping run someday??


Nicole (Three By Sea)

Yay for you!! This makes total sense, what with the direction your blog was going in and wanting to cover vintage/indie shops. You look happy in the photo!
I just started a new shop this weekend- www.widesarcasmsea.etsy.com I'm feeling pretty pumped about it- I needed to express this other side of my personality and do something that let me not be so boxed into the coastal/sea-inspired design stuff (which I still love and will continue working on). Like you said, I feel more like myself and it feels GOOOD!!
Best of luck- can't wait to see the great things you'll be rockin'!


i agree with others who say this seems like a natural progression for you. from what i've seen online you have such great personal style, looking forward to reading more. (p.s. i really love your "profile" pic on the right sidebar.


its a vicious cycle isn't it? the more in demand your products, the more you get sucked into this computer, work cycle. leaving very little room for the things that make you all giddy in the first place. glad to find that you're finding your giddyness back!


so excited to see what's in store! congrats and best of luck!


Yay, fun! It's great to keep starting over as long as it's all in pursuit of doing what you love. No ruts for you!


i'm so excited you're doing something that will make you ever-so-happy... and ME ever so happy, because i'm sure i'll want each and every item of clothing you find to put in the shop. good luck! happiness!


Rock on Jena! I'm so happy you are going to do something that does not require fixating your eyes on the screen for crazy long hours (which reminds me, I should do something about that too!)

Congratulations on your new endeavor - I'm excited about this because I just discovered vintage shopping online and well, I can say it's awesome. Which also means fixing my gaze on the computer screen longer than usual, but oh, we'll get to that another time. ;)

big hugs!


wow, congrats Jena, it looks amazing! go girl! :)


ohh, i'm loving this space, loving the photos - loving the idea!! yay you! can't wait to see what goodies you have in store (literally) for us xo

Isa Maria

Congratulations. I'm so glad you've found a new project to keep you happy. I love thrifting and vintage but with the 2 (3 if you add my supplies shop) businesses I already have too many to keep track of! Can't wait to see more photos.

heather smith jones

Jena I think this is awesome! Following your passion can only lead to greatness, congratulations!! I look forward to seeing your new shop!


Wow! So great! I'm excited!
I totally hear you on the fleece pants.

But, as far as the photos go...you clean up real nice! You look GORGEOUS!

Enjoy the anticipation! xx Susy


Congratulations Jena!

Can't wait to start shopping!


i'm proud of you my dear lady!!!!

Cassie (ShopClementine)

You are so *frickin* cute, Jena!!!!
With your eye and your style, your vintage shop is going to totally blow the doors off, day one.

Tricia McKellar

Yay! You sound so excited-- so happy! It's wonderful :) Can't wait for more Miss Modish posts... :)

mati rose

yay! i can't wait to see more!

Down and Out Chic

oh i'll be here! looking forward to it1

alexandra keller

you sound like me...except i'm not even a professional blogger.


fun! fun! fun! Can't wait!

Marisa and Creative Thursday

Congratulations Jena! This is so exciting!! And somehow I can completely relate. I've wondered where all this intense use of the computer will be taking us ~ probably full circle into what really matters for each of us. Good for you! I love how you said "you feel so much more like yourself" ~ your shop is going to be great!


congrats! and hooray! and you go girl! :)

Megan Leone

Sounds fabulous Jena! Can't wait to check out the shop and read Miss Modish blog as well! Congratulations!


Holy moly red! You're opening a new shop ANNNNND helping your crazy friend move half way a across the country. you must be some kind of awesome friend to do all that. this looks amazing. i can't wait to see it. i can't express just how incredibly proud i am of you and all your fabulousness. congratulations!!

lesley [smidgebox]

this is awesome! i'm really excited to see what you come up with, i'm already hooked just from these couple photos. fun :) congrats on finding what makes you feel more like yourself again, that's a wonderful thing.

handmade julz

it's going to be super fantastic! i'm so happy for you & your new adventure ;)


How exciting. I've been following modish for ages, first comment! I can't wait to see what you sell.


Oh yay! You have such a great eye, I can't wait to peruse the shop!!


You are b e a u t i f u l ! ! ! I can't wait to see what you find:) I wish you the very best :) So excited!!!




Congrats! Taking the leap to get back to yourself, your inspiration, your dreams, is the best feeling, isn't it? All the best of luck in your new endeavor!

gypsy Alex

Wonderful!!! I'm ready to take a trip up north to shoot some styles for you and with you :) You are a stunning model, by the way. xo

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