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Sep 01, 2009



I love these knits -- especially that first small blue one. I could absolutely get away with that in San Diego. I like keeping my neck warm but I think a full scarf in southern CA weather would make me look a bit odd. But a tiny one like that would be so perfect...
I can't wait for the fall to come either (though the fall in my home state of NJ will assuredly arrive before the one in CA).
Happy September!!


I got a hat from Tara-Lynn in the mail last week! It is so wonderful.

laura trevey

love the top left one!! perfect, and not too much :)


wow, anabela pointed this out to me, & i am blushing & shocked! thanks so much for even noticing my lil shop!


it's always time to talk about Fall in my world, but lately Mother Nature has agreed! Also, I kind of love that first scarf... super cute idea.


I am READY for fall :)

Amy Gunderson

Beautiful samples of unique designs!


seriously gorgeous. love the colors of all those knits. and love the textures. oh, how i love fall. i'm ready!

Miss Modish

Oh, you're so welcome! Your shop is great- keep it up! :)

Céline Petit Pois

Beautifull knitted creations!!
My friend Emma is knitting some gorgeous jewellery too, I can't resist and give you the link where to find her lovely creations, for those who would like to check out more Knitted cuties:

Cheers Ladies!

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