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May 27, 2009



Definitely Charm Bracelet V. This might be different if I had pierced ears bc the earrings are so cute.

Jessica H.

Oh, I really like The Restless Necklace. Something about vintage lockets just make me sigh. :)

Account Deleted

Wow, everything is so gorgeous! I'm definitely into The Abelia Earrings!


I really love the Dianthus Earrings, which look so beautiful and fancy!


Love the Phoebe earings!

Mary Helen

I love the Ella Ross necklace - my Grandmother name is Ella. The necklace would be great alone or to layer.

Mary Helen


Hi Jena,

What a great idea....a line of jewelry based on hidden treasure. I love it!

I'm especially drawn to their charm bracelettes. The one in the right top corner of this post is actually my favorite. Thanks for this opportunity! :)


Wow, the Carmina necklace is the best:)! It really seems to come out from a sea treasure


I really love the Abelia Earrings. But everything is adorable.


i like charm braclet VI. It's so cute!

Sarah D. L.

the take flight earrings are beautiful!


My fave would have to be the Restless necklace.


So many lovely things....I'll go with the Bellium earrings. Love the keyplate design.


Beautiful items! I would have to go with the feather collection earrings to continue my current feather obsession!

Robyn Linden

The Linden necklace is absolutely my favorite and exactly what I've been looking for. Why?? Because Linden is my last name! And a pendant necklace has been on my wishlist for months now -- this one is gorgeous :)


So many lovely things to choose from… but my favorite from Paper Treasure shop is The Bergonia earrings.


The Dianthus Earrings stand out to me.


Feather Collection Earrings are my fav. I've already added Jessica as a Favorite shop to go purchase them later!


The Phoebe earrings have stolen my heart!


My have is Charm Bracelet V. I love vintage. Beautiful work.


My favorite is definitely the Lurline necklace. I love that little purple stone.


I love The Carmina Necklace! So beautiful.

Erin K

I really like the The Fly Away Earrings. Strong and soft at the same time.


the Narcissus Earrings are darling!


Her charm bracelets are gorgeous- way more put together than anything I've ever managed.


The Laura E Calvin necklace is beautiful.


All of the items in the shop are lovely! But, as I like hearts very much, my favourite is "The restless neckless".

Have a nice day!


I LOVE Charm Bracelet VI the most, especially the little shears charm!

Erin Prais-Hintz

I am digging the Bellium earrings...but then keys and keyholes are my logo so I am a bit partial. Pretty stuff!
Enjoy the day!


I really like her Restless Necklace - it's so simple but feels like it's full of intriguing and scandalous history :-)


Beautiful things, just lovely. Hard to pick a favorite, but I will go with Charm Bracelet IV.

Laura Hardie

It is so hard to pick just one fav item! I think my favorite item is Charm Bracelet VI. at this url: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=25574211

When I read this entry, I was thinking about how much I loved the locket necklace, and suddenly I realized that it is part of a giveaway! I am so excited! :)


I love the charm bracelet V. The colours are just fantastic and would match perfectly with my wardrobe.

Thanks for a fantastic giveaway.


The little birds in the phoebe earrings remind me of my grandmother. They are my favorite.


Bellium earrings - gorgeous!


i'm particularly partial to the ella ross necklace, myself.

Helen Cant

I love all of the work but especially The Maggie Carroll Necklace.

Athena's Armoury

Love the Restless Necklace!


What lovely jewelry creations! I adore "The Vienna
Necklace!" Please enter my name in your necklace
giveaway drawing. Many thanks.....Cindi


I love Charm bracelet V, although there are others over on the etsy shop that are just as delious! A great way to upcycle some pre-loved jewells - very inspiring



What lovely items. I grew up with things like these and did not really love them till I became "vintage myself" Now I love my old things ooops vintage things. The heart shaped locket is my fav. I love lockets they hold a special something for who ever has them.

Tania Angelo

Beautiful jewelry, thanks for the opportunity to win one of her pieces! My favorite is the Charm Bracelet VI.


My favorite, besides the gorgeous necklace you're giving away, is the Charm Bracelet V. I can't take my eyes off it it - love all the vintage pieces - especially the little coin!

Emily Karas

Such beautiful stuff! Glad I found this site!
LOVE the Restless Necklace

cloud9 design

wow! i really love everything in her shop, but if i have to pick just one thing: it'd be the bergonia earrings. i love the style and i could pair them with my gorgoesu white flowy hippie skirt and my gladiator sandals for summer. :)

thanks for introducing me to a fab new shop!!!

Amy W

My fave is the Vienna necklace - although it was a very tough choice!


The one that caught my eye was the Charm Bracelet II. I love the turquoise that was added, it is such a fun piece that I could wear with anything! Thanks for sharing this jewelry!


My favourite is definitely The Restless Necklace (Locket) - so precious!

Jessica C

wow so hard to choose! could I have them all ? :) but if i had to pick one I would say the Louise necklace *swoon*

Elaine  g.

The The Vandalia Necklace is simply beautiful!

Danielle L.

My favorite item in the shop is The Abelia Earrings! They are so pretty!

Spotted Sparrow

Ahhh, it was so hard to pick just one favorite. I love the Louise Necklace. That sweet, little cameo is calling my name.

Tanja B

I really love the charm bracelet VI with the small golden scissors, the colors are really great!


what a beautiful selection of unique items and designs! I 'm loving the Vandalia Necklace! Thanks for the chance to win. :)

Melissa B

Everything is so pretty! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I really like the Lula Beatrice necklace!


I like the Abelia earings too!


Abolutely lovely shop!!!!!!!!!I choose The Carmina Necklace (Locket). I love locket ecklaces and this is fantastic!

cal_rubies at yahoo dot es


So many great things, but I think I'd wear the Lurline necklace the most (and I always err on the practical side with jewelry choices for some reason!)

kimberly m.

i really love the robina earrings (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=22225043). they remind me of the ocean...sailboats, seahorses....

Desiree Coscia

The Robina earrings are just exquisite!!


Robina earrings are so beautiful...and I'd wear the Charm bracelet too. Great find, definitely my style, I'll pass it on.


I love the Vandalia Necklace!


Oh, her stuff is simply lovely! I really love the Lula Beatrice necklace!!! It is stunning and I want it! LOL!

laura stewart

I like the charm bracelets


My favorite is The Vienna Necklace, swoon. I love the idea behind every piece.


My favorite would have to be this:

so pretty!

Heidi Jo

I LOVE the Ella Rose necklace. Gorgeous!


еру Laura E. Calvin Necklace is amazingly gorgeous!

Amber L.

My favorite item is the Adventurer Necklace

Dinah Y.

I love them all! My favorite is the Valentine necklace but the Charm Bracelet VI is also so amazing!

Thanks for a wonderful giveaway..I have been a longtime quiet fan of your blog!

Renee Alam

It was hard to choose,but I love the Lula Beatrice necklace.I hoep I can win her lovely necklace...so pretty!Thanks for the giveaway!


hard choice. i love the bellflower earrings, though.

wide open spaces

I love the Lulu Beatrice Necklace - so pretty!


I would have to go with the Valentine necklace. So pretty and yet dark at the same time....

corrie mae.

i absolutely adore the Leander locket necklace! So gorgeous!

Michelle B.

The Vandalia Necklace is by far my favorite:


The Alexandria Necklace is my favorite. Such lovely things in her shop (and a very amazing giveaway!)


oh, what a lovely etsy shop! my favorite item is the bellium earrings.


Jess W

I love the Pheobe Earrings! But the locket is really stunning.

Haley Montgomery

I love the Carmina necklace -- mainly because "T" is my first child's initial. What a sweet reminder!

Maggie W

I love everything but my favorites would be the Ada E Allan necklace and Charm bracelet VI

Christina J.

The Leander Locket. I love all types of lockets. Everything in her shop is really wonderful.

Ma Mae Belle

the adventurer necklace is delicious...i love lockets...all of the jewelry is beautiful, tho, and i especially like that each piece has a "name" - lovely!


I choose from any of the earrings which are my fav, but I do love the locket that someone will win!

Jeanne Tremel

What a fun shop to look in! And it took a lot of looking at all of the wonderful details in each piece. I especially like the Ada E. Allen necklace.
Thanks for bringing this shop to my attention!


I love love love the "Charm Bracelet V". So very pretty!


Charm Bracelet V. is fabulous.

ning fathia

I'm such a sucker for locket and keys so The Carmina Necklace is my favorite!

Janet F

I like Charm Bracelet V.

Thank you!

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

heidi jo

alida, vienna, sooo many to choose from! gorgeous.

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