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May 12, 2009



I love the bags! It's hard to pick a favorite. The Grand Prix looks pretty cool. I'm also curious to see what they'll have for baby's room.


Ooh, Nice! I love the pattern on the bag but also liked the Blue Hawaii quilt.

Tiffany C

I have always loved the Drama Queen (I've had my eye on it since the winter), but the Esmeralda is so very summer that I may yet *have* to own one...


Everything is realy pretty but I love the Esmerelda bag and the Early Spring quilt.

tara g

love love love the fields of joy bags - great shape and i love the splash of color/pattern!

can't wait for the baby's room goodies!


The Karesansui quilt I love and all the bags rock!

Elena R.

The Blue Hawaii quilt is SO beautiful!


I love the versailles pillows, but this bag is a close second!

alisa c.

I love the Where's the Beach striped bag, I am so ready to go to the beach:)


Loving the Early Spring quilt. It would be perfect in my guest room!


I like the blue Hawaii quilt


I have the Fields of Joy (brick) purse and absolutely love it. It feels good and is made really well. Thank you, Celia!


I suppose my favorite is the weekend bag shown...since I own it! So many cute fabrics...one can't really be expected to chose...


That fields of joy bag looks great (in Java) :)

Little Lovables

I love the green damask pillow! I looove the marie antionette blue-grey one too, but its sold out!


Love everything on the site! The Drama Queen bag is cool!


I LOOOOVE the Barcelona Bag...and of course the Weekender is dying to be on my shoulder :) Great giveaway!


I like the Wine Tasting Weeknd Bag!!!!

Jessica H.

Ooh, what a gorgeous bag! My favorite bag on the website is the Uscita La Cucina. Too bad it's sold out. :(

Go Amie

I am madly in love with the Blue Hawaii quilt.



Oops! Not anymore, I am cutting more as we speak! If you don't mind waiting.


love the weekend bag featured, but my other fave from the store was the Where's the beach bag!


I've been searching for a bag recently, would love to have this! I like the Fields of Joy bags, if I had to pick one I would pick the Java one.


My favorite thing is actually the wine tasting weekend bag!


Of course, Paco + Lupe bags are gorgeous, but I really love their pillows. Especially the ones with damask desing. They look very contemporary but would also fit well in my 60’s decor!


Love it all but the Grand Prix bag is my favorite--great shape and colors!


If i have to choose one ... I really like the garden maze quilt. All the bags are great too!

Sarah D. L.

The Marie Antoinette Pillow is fantastic. But I'd definitely take the Wine Tasting Weekend bag off their hands :)

Maggie W

Wow! Gorgeous bags. I have to say my favorite is the Wine Tasting Weekend bag! I love that style and the fabric is great. I also love the spring fling in the same fabric. magwilky@yahoo.com


I love the Versailles pillows. I really like the floral print and it's great that they're reversible so you can get a different look if you feel like a change!

Chantel I.

The Wine Tasting Weekend bag is my favourite and I've had my eye on it for awhile now. Paco + Lupe have such pretty bags.


I have the Uscita La Cucina, so I'd have to say it's my favorite bag. E-mail is berryblndgirl (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Jackie Hernandez

I love the Wine Tasting Weekend Bag and the Blue Hawaii Quilt.


I love all of their pillows, especially the Marie Antoinette in blue. Their bags are too cute as well..love wine tasting and that bag:)


I like the Mehndi pillows!


I've got Saddle Up and Tiramisu, gave my mom the Wine Tasting Weekend bag, and purchased Fields of Joy (Brick) for my auntie.

The Saddle Up bag is a perfect carry on! Looking forward using it on my trips to Germany this year!


The New York week-end bag is my favorite!


Marie Antoinette pillow in blue grey...which of coarse is sold out!


I really like the Tiramisu bag.


That Uscita La Cucina bag would be perfect for summer in the city.

Great stuff!

lindsey k

i am so in love with the "early spring" quilt.


I got the Urban Jungle bag last year and it is fabulous. Have had tons of compliments. I have long drooled over the Wine Tasting Weekend bag, so I guess I'd say that was my current favorite. Paco + Lupe bags are amazing, each and every one!


I would have to say that my favorite thing is the Summer in Provence bag. I love neutral bags because I always forget to switch them out to match my outfits!

Jaime B.

The Olive Vine pillow is totally di-vine. :)



heidi jo

oh my goodness! their bags are gorgeous! i have too many on my love it list!

this pillow - yum!


I absolutely love the Karesansui quilt! Wonderful giveaway. :)


I love these bags!! I would choose the New York Weekend as my favorite! But I do love them all! Thanks!


The cat on a wire pillow is my favorite but I also love all of the bags!

Laura K.

So much gorgeous stuff! Even if I don't win, I'm so glad to learn about Paco + Lupe. This site went right into my Favorites!

I LOVE the wine tasting bag, and also the Paris Café Stripes bag, the Vis a Vis pillow, and so many others.


I love the Tiramisu bag!! How gorgeous!

sara b.

what a wonderful collection of stuff! i absolutely love the Early Spring Quilt! and the Wine Tasting Weekend Bag is adorable! and Paco + Lupe is a cute and catchy name! love it all!


I love the featured bag! But ALL of the others are to die for :)


ucita la cucina wins my heart, but I am a big bag slut, and they are all beautiful


I love the quilts, specially the hawaiian one! :)


I am absolutely head over heels for the Barcelona and Paris Cafe Stripes bags - but everything they make is gorgeous!


Love that bag!! It is beautiful!

Natalee Lopez

I love the Marie Annionette Pillows! Divine.


the bags! Spring Fling would be my favorite (sold out! eek!) but the Wine Tasting Weekend would be cherished in a heartbeat! I love Paco & Lupe!

Marie-Claude Dupont

I love this bag. It's cheerful yet stylish! I absolutely want it in my bag collection!


I love the "where's the beach" bag! Great stuff.


Of course everything is to die for! My personal favorite is the Saddle Up bag. I can't get enough tweed and these colors are perfect for pretty much any outfit (making this bag a success and a favorite in my book!)

Mary Carstens

Oh how I love the Uscita La Cucina bag. Pick me, pick me! Well, whoever wins is a lucky girl :).


My vote is for the New York Weekend bag. Stylin'

Jenni O

I love the bag featured in tis post best! Wine Tasting Weekend bag. lovely


I love this wine tasting weekend bag!


The Esmeralda bag. It's beautiful! (And the name my father gave to my first doll!)


that bag is pretty gorgeous, but if I had to pick something else it would definitely be the cabin fever quilt!


I love the Garden Maze quilt...but I think it ties for first with the lovely wine tasting weekend bag!

Ren Bates

ooh, i love the fields of joy in jute. it's a nice size and it would go with so much. but i gotta admit, the wine tasting weekend bag is darn sweet.


I like the fields of Joy bag with the splash of orange. It's casual with at sunny feeling.

Dana F.

I LOVE the Penny Lane Bag -

Angie B

The chocolate muse handbag is gorgeous and with a name like that how can you go wrong?


I actually just really love the wine tasting bag, too!


I really love the blue Hawaii quilt!


Oooh, I love the spring renaissance bag!


Hi Jena,
I love the Cats on a Wire pillow.
And the rest of the stuff too!


I love all your stuff, it's so fresh and clean! but I really like that wine tasting bag!

Betty Ann

beautiful purses.
I particularly like the Uscita La Cucina.
Betty Ann
PS my email is
uhomeschool at yahoo dot com

Slumptown Glass

All of her bags are gorgeous! My absolute favorite item would have to be the Paris Cafe Stripes.
rebecca (at) slumptown.com


oooh - i'm lovin the bag that you featured (Wine Tasting Weekend)... but the quilts are beautiful, I especially like the Blue Hawaii one... Can't wait to see what Baby stuff they have.


I really love the Spring Fling handbag but it has been sold out for a while now... I check from time to time to see if it is back for sale. I also like the Paris Cafe Stripes bag.


I love the Early Spring quilt.


I love love love the Marie Antoinette Pillow (in blue-grey). Too bad it's all sold out!

Sarah Frederick

Easily the Karesansui quilt. It's just beautiful.


All of the bags are adorable. My favorite is the Penny Lane bag.


Thanks for a fabulous giveaway. My fave is definitely the Esmeralda bag, such a beauty.

Candied Fabrics

Ooh! Lots of lovely stuff - and althogh the new york weekend is running a close 2nd, this winetasting bag is the tops for me!


I love all the bags. I love the cabin fever quilt too! Very cute stuff and so well made!!


Great colors! I love all the bags! The strawberry shortcake is great and I do love the winetasting and new york weekend bags. So fun!


I like the Garden Maze quilt but love the bag too!

julie green

i've got to say, the bag up for grabs is my favorite, but i also love the "Flores y Hojas" pillow.


well, other than that awesome wine-tasting weekend bag [cause it is pretty amazing] i love the esmerelda. fun, kinda flashy, perfect for an eye-catching bag!!
thanks for the giveaway!


I love the Marie Antoinette Pillow which is unfortunately sold out :(
The next is the Early Spring quilt.

Denise Akemi

I'm in love the Karesansui quilt! So beautiful and inspiring.

Trish T.

What a great giveaway! I love the cats on a wire pillow :) So fun.

Erica Warren

I have to say that the Wine Tasting weekend bag is my favorite. I think it would totally work for all seasons and would be great for a trip home!


Beautiful bag. I also adore the Flores y Hojas pillow... it'd go great in our black and white living room. :)


I love the Garden Maze quilt! The color combination is great, and I really like the graphic pattern.

Briana S.

My favorite has to be the Vis-à-Vis pillow... there's so many gorgeous choices, though!

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