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Feb 11, 2009



I've had Flower Press in my favorites for some time, so this is very exciting! I adore the "Beautiful blue Tea towel, chrysanthemums" :)

Elena R.

At Lexy Art, the Yellow and Red Siamese Fighting Fish print shows off a favorite color combination of mine.


ironically, i just bookmarked the ruby slippers card last week! i'm sort of obsessed with it. :)

Kelly B.

Megan H.

I am in LOVE with the puppy print!

Megan J.

And at Flower Press, I especially like the Royal Blue Filigree design on White Linen Tea Towel. The color is so pretty and the print would look so nice in my kitchen.

Both shops have lovely items! Bookmarking a few items from each. :)

Madelyn N

I absolutely love the magenta floral tea towel. It would look great in my bright blue kitchen!

Juliette W.

I was enthralled by Flower Press and the lovely Russian tea towels. My current favorite at the moment is the blue Tea Towel with chrysanthemums. What a pretty design! :)

And LexyArt's 'Yellow and Red Siamese Fighting Fish - Board-mounted Giclee Print' has stolen my heart! Beautiful!


I love this royal blue tea towel:

And these two fish prints would look awesome in my bathroom:


I love the colors LexyArt uses, they are so intense. I also reallY!!!! like the tea towels at Flower Press.


I Love LexyArt's Little Red Birds print. Awesome colour combinations.


And from Ms Flowerpress - well, hard to pick just one favourite because Susie is just plain awesome! But.. I think.. at the moment the White Filigree Linen Tea Towel is my favourite. So beautiful!

Michelle H

I love the Blossom Linen Tea Towel in Magenta from FlowerPress. It's so bright and cherry!


I really love the Blue Siamese Fighting Fish - Board-mounted Giclee Print from Lexy Art! Everything in there is so beautifully created!


The Beautiful blue Tea towel, chrysanthemums at Flower Press is simply beautiful! I love how the color is so vibrant and the design just pops!

Alexia P

From Lexy Art I love the possum print (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19421278) Who knew possums could be so cute?

Alexia P

And the teapot gocco print from Flower Press would be wonderful in my kitchen http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=17591137

Sibora G

From Lexy Art, I really like the expression that has been given to the dog and cat in particular.

Sibora G

From FlowerPress, the blue tea towels are beautiful.


This fighting fish print by Lexy Art is my favorite: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14773552

Catherine H

My favorite in Lexy Art is her Little Red Birds piece.


I like FlowerPress's Teapot cards.

Soni S

I really love this Gorilla

Frances Peraza-Barrenechea

I love this fish... it reminds me of the tattoo my husband wants to get.

frances peraza-barrenechea

this teapot is really cute too...


Melissa Crowe

Well, it sounds like cheating, but my favorite thing at Lexi Art is the beautiful Little Red Birds print.

Melissa Crowe

At Flower Press--apart from those perfect maryjanes, I love the beautiful blue tea towel.


my fav from lexi is the little red birds print! cute!



at flower press i love the linen tea towel with red. hope to win! thank for the entry!

cindy : quaint

I love these
LexyArt : Curiosity No.3 - Litte Red Birds - Giclee Print
Flowerpress : Linen Tea Towels
This generous giveaway. Thank You!

Sue B

AtLexy art I love the fish, the colour combo is stunning.

Sue B

At Flower Press it has to be those cute little Ruby Slippers, I want a pair to fit me!!!

Andrea R

How fun! I love the 'beautiful blue tea towel, chrysanthemums' from Flower Press... (and everything else in that lovely store!)

Andrea R

From LexyArt, I love the 'Yellow and Red Siamese Fighting Fish' -- vibrant and gorgeous!

Jessica Doyle

I love the Praying Mantis from LexyArt.

Alex Louisa

Thanks for introducing me to Flower Press Jena, and thanks for including my little Pup and Birds too :)


I love those little red birds from Lexy Art!!


Oh...White Filigree design on Unbleached Linen Tea Towel....I want them in mi kitchen!!!

Bridget M.

At FlowerPress, I adooore the blue chrysanthemums tea towel


Bridget M

At at LexyArt, I love Curiosity No.2 - Orchids ORIGINAL


Pearl O

Pearl O.

I absouletly adore it all!
My favorite is the
Beautiful blue Tea towel, chrysanthemums from Flower Press.

Pearl O

Pearl O.

Simply Gorgeous! The "Litte Red Birds - Giclee Print"

I heart them~

Sarah L.

It's all about the Tortoise Print http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14783687


What lovely shops! And what an awesome giveaway...*crosses fingers*. I just love flower press' shop, especially this...


And this item from LexyArt is so cute and makes me want to sing the kookaburra song!


Christine S.

From Lexy Art I don't know if I have a favorite. I love a bunch of them, but it's a tie between the tortoise and the beetle. They would both look so awesome on my red walls.

From Flower Press I hands down love the green filigree tea towel. It would be perfect for my yellow kitchen:)

heidi jo

i love lexiarts puppy and the frog! sooo cute.

the love and teapot artworks from flowerpress really resonate with me. lovely.

heidi jo

i love lexiarts puppy and the frog! sooo cute.

the love and teapot artworks from flowerpress really resonate with me. lovely.

heidi jo w

Vera L.

I love this http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14773552 from Lexi Art as well as the Blue Siamese Fighting Fish to go along with it.

Vera L.

I love the color and design of this towel from FlowerPress. When I read that it was made in Russia I was like Wow! I am originally from Russia so that makes it even more neat.

Vera L.

Oops I didn't post the link! http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=19949419

Laura K.

Wow, they're spoiling us! What a gorgeous giveaway.

It's so hard to pick a favorite, but I do love that black on grey filagree print at FlowerPress. And, well, everything else.

Laura K.

From LexyArt, I'm especially fond of that lovely kookaburra giclee board!

And, well, everything else.


gosh its a hard choice, the birdy prints and the botanical pictures are my faves.


I am in love with the Ruby Slipper cards as I have a thing for red shoes.

Dawn L

Lexy Art has the Little red birds which would be perfect in my living room.

Dawn L

the Orange Chrysanthemum design on White Linen Tea Towel from flower press would brighten up my kitchen and my life.

Sailor Kara

Oh my goodness.... That puppy looks just like someone else I know :)


I must have him...

Cindy Ruggles

My favorite art (and artist) in the whole world is Lexy Art... and the items listed on her shop, my fav is the Kookaburra!!!
On Flowerpress, I'm likin' the "Love Letters"!!

Sarah  Cruse

I think I really love the Puppy print being given away.
The colors are what I am most excited about. The artists style is so sleek and sweet!
-Sarah C.

Shelley M.

My favourite of Lexy's is her fighting fish. I absolutely love the feathery fins on those guys.

Shelley M.

And on Flowerpress, I'm pretty much a follower: I love her Ruby Slippers!!

tegan S

I love the "Love Letters, White - gocco print 2 card" at Flower Press... I love finding odd cards and sending them to people in need of a bit of love.

Tegan S.

Audrey M

From LexyArt, I love the Tortoise Board-Mounted Giclee Print.

Audrey M

From FlowerPress, I love the Turquoise Filigree Linen Tea Towel.

Colleen O

At Lexy's shop it is so hard to choose but I love the Kookaburra! He is so funny. Amazing art Lexy! Simply amazing. =)

Colleen O

In Flower Press's shop I love the Filigree design on just about anything! Very beautiful. =)

Preston P

I really like the gorilla from Lexy Art! sanks


I love the beautiful tea pot gocco print on Flower Press!
M. DeRon

Laura B

From Lexy Art, the little red bird is absolutely darling!

Laura B

From Flower Press's shop I adore the Ruby Slippers!


Wow, what a great give-away! I really like both shops, but my favorite item is the "Curiosity No.3 Board-Mounted Giclee Print - Little Red Birds" from LexyArt.


I love that puppy print! The Kookaburra is aces too! And the green snake!


The blue chrysanthemum tea towel is beautiful!

Jane V.

At LexyArt I love the board-mounted giclee print of the tortoise; the tortoise's shell looks so amazingly textured!

Jane V.

FlowerPress's blue teapot cards are stunning; the color is so rich and the lines of the pot are marvelous.

Jodie H

I love the puppy print @ Lexy Art, reminds me of my little monster!


and this lovely red print tea towel @ Flower Press:


Lovely shops!


I don't even know where to begin with Flower Press...the ruby red slippers, the teacups, the chrysanthemum tea towels. Maybe the blue chrysanthemum tea towels.

And Lexy Art's kookabura print is just adorable!

Brigitte S

Love the little red birds!!
...and a big fan of Lexy's art!

Brigitte S

For my second entry I pick the red shoes.
Must be the colour red today!

Freshly Found

I have been a follower of Flowerpress for a long time - and I know without hesitation what my favourite is - it just has to be those red shoes!!!!!

Summer H.

Oh, the Orange Chrysanthemum tea towel is darling from Flower Press!


The Puppy print is so gorgeous. Alex has really brought the puppy to life in her artwork!


My favourite at Flower Press is the Orange Chrysanthemum design on White Linen Tea Towel - it would really add a splash of colour to my sterile white and steel kitchen. Who says drying dishes is boring???

Gemma J

From FlowerPress..

This is definantly my favourite! Adore the colour!

From Lexiart..

This looks EXACTLY like the frog living in our pond!


Heather H.

I like thee Beautiful blue Tea towel, chrysanthemums.

ning f

I Heart LexyArt's Little Red Birds print!

Ning f

ning fathia

I heart FlowerPress' chrysanthemum tea towel! Match my wall!
Ning f

Rūta P.

Beautiful giveaway
From Lexy Art I like this: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=18039519
From Flower Press I love these:

Cara G

I love the Red Birds through Lexy Art. All very cute indeed!

lisa T

I love Lexi's work. My fave is the Yellow and Red Fighting Fish.

lisa T

The FlowerPress tea towels are gorgeous, I love the White Filigree on Unbleached Linen.

Michela L.

It's really really hard to choose: I love everything of Lexy Art!! Maybe my favorite is the Kookaburra Giclee Print.

Michela L.

Oh how much I need a tea towel! And my favorite is the White Filigree on Unbleached Linen by Flower Press...

Carina D.


I adore the red birds !!!!


Cindy Ruggles

Love the puppy print by Alex !!! And the red print tea towel Flowerpress.

Helen Burridge

It's gotta be the Blue Teapot gocco print cards. Utterly crisp, clean and universally useful. But that's only cos I'm trying to tear myself away from the amazing red shoes. oh the shoes.
Helen Bxx

Anna S.

I love the possum's sweet little face on Lexy Arts.

Anna S.

I think my favorite thing on Flower Press would be the orangy red chrysanthemum tea towel. That is just beautiful.



Thanks to you Jena, and to everyone for coming to see my work and leaving such lovely comments. I just wish I could enter to win those Lexy Art pieces!!

carrie k.

I like the Kookaburra Giclee Board-mounted Print at LexyArt
and the White Filigree design on Unbleached Linen Tea Towel
at Flower Press.

Heather M.

LexyArt's pieces are so beautiful! The colours are so vibrant, I can only imagine what they look like in person.
I really liked the Tortoise Board - Mounted Giclee Print and the Yellow and Red Siamese Fiting Fish.

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