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Feb 09, 2009


Mam'zelle M.

Thank you !!!

Colleen (Not Quite Vintage)

Looks like many of us love turquoise blue for our crafty spaces : ) Thanks for the link!

Miss Modish

yeah, I think the teal-blue range must inspire much creativity!


Thank you for featuring our space! This group has some lovely spaces!

cindy k

these are so great and really energized by vibrant color.


the first 2 pictures are my favorite! oh how i love that color! i dream of painting too. hot pink and turquoise for me please! ;)


I love these - and I'm envious of the organization.


Thank you so much Jena for featuring my workshop. I cleaned it just to take that picture. ;)

Clementine Cassie

Oh, how I love getting a peek into other artist's creative spaces. This collection with color is killer! It's such sweet torture for me, though--it makes me want to tear my space all apart and start from scratch! And I'm so wowed by Crafty Intentions' amazingly neat and ordered space.

esta sketch

so many gorgeous spaces! i'm moving soon and have been keeping an eye on this pool for ideas for my new studio space, they're all so inspiring!

Miss Modish

yay! I hope they can help give you some good ideas! :)


Wow...so very inspiring!! What a fantastic idea for a flickr group! After I catch up on all the Modish posts I've missed, I'll definitely go and take a peek at the group pool. I expect I'll get some great organization ideas...

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