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Jan 05, 2009



pure awesome! right on, Ms Modish, you're on the right track!!

Account Deleted

They look really warm and cozy!

June Shin

Woah! Those are awesome!


These dresses are fabulous! What work must have gone into these...and I can't even get past row 4 of my crochet blanket! :-)

Miss Modish

Yay, glad you guys like them. I've been sitting on them since before I went on vacation, dying to share! :)


Oh my! If I were 6 foot something and had legs up to there - I would be wearing these every day! They are the best! *sigh* Maybe in another life!


This is definitely a WOWER!!!


Yes, indeed!

Just WOW!

I don't mean to put a really short comment like "wow" but there really is nothing more I can say!

mrs. french

mission accomplished my dear...I am in awe...xo t

Mallory @ MissMalaprop

I think I've come across her work before... maybe via Tricia at bits & bobbins? Anyway, I love it! And I agree, there are so many amazing things that make you really marvel at all the handmade world has to offer!

Just tonight I was talking with the beau about handmade traditions I wish would come back, like the (human) hair jewelry and pictures that people used to make in the 19th century to commemorate someone's death. I'd love to see bygone traditions like that have a new life in today's handmade movement!

Kira Franz-Knight

I don't typically comment on fashion pieces, but as a former curatorial assistant and fashion professor all I can say is...THESE BELONG IN AN ART MUSEUM...the craftsmanship and artistic integrity are mind blowing...Thanks so much for sharing!


Her works are truly stunning. And it´s SANDRA Backlund. :)

Miss Modish

oh my gosh, what the heck? I said Sandra in my head, saw Sandra written down... my brain is playing tricks on me! Thanks so much for catching that, just fixed it :)

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