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Jan 06, 2009


Anna S.

I love the cat skirt. What a way to advertise being a cat lover.


Hi Jena,

Great survey! Do you plan to show the results as well? If yes, do you plan to show it in comparison with other Modish surveys?


Miss Modish

Hi Judit! Yep, I'll share results and announce the giveaway winner next Tues- and believe it or not, I've never done a survey before! I've always wanted to, but have never actually gotten around to it. Goal #1 for 2009, done! :)


I'd really like to see the result!


Then you made a very good start :-)
If you need any help, just let me know - online research is my dayjob.

Michelle B.

I took the survey and am curious as well to see the results. I also want to add that I love these prints from Kaching design http://www.kachingdesign.com/collage.htm

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