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Aug 11, 2008


jayme lynn

neat! i've never seen anything like these before.

Cher ~♥~

I'd prefer these over diamonds any day... so unique, metalicious for sure!

Jessee M

oh wow! i never got a real engagement ring or wedding ring b/c i just couldn't pick out anything i liked.
i'm not a diamond type of girl, and im super rough on things or forgetful.
i've had to settle for the plainest titanium band possible.

but i think i found the perfect ring for me!! their pretty, yet they don't cost an arm and leg, so i wont feel AS BAD when i leave my ring somewhere. its only happened twice in the 9 months i've been married, i guess that's not TOO bad, and i always go back for it.

but yah, thank you for showing this find!


oh that's awesome! I really hope one of these can work out for you Jessee! :)

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