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Aug 04, 2008



That has to be the BIGGEST inspiration board I have ever seen. I just finished reading Jennifer's book and I have to give it two thumbs up. Great read!

All Chic

Wow! What a great space for creating! Jam packed but yet super organized.


these pictures are so bright, hectic, and inspiring at the same time! i'm in awe :)

Alicia Hanson

Ahhh, I would love to open every draw and peer inside to see what treasures lie inside....

Mucha Muchacha

Your studio looks like a lovely place to spend a lot of time. Thanks for sharing, Jen!


Cool workspace...I like that yellow branch looking thing holding the necklaces in the last pic. Such an inspiring work area :)

OMG I spy the Barack & Hillary flyers we sent ;p


great interview - a successful girl from my home town with a most AWESOME studio!


Wow, you seem to have a lot of supplies must need quite a bit of space for all that. Very beautiful space I also know how wonderful it is to have a lot of inspirational pictures around, keeps you motivated....


It's the most amazing studio I've ever seen! 500 square feet of space is a dream amount of space to work in. So fabulous! I'm going to start an inspiration board I think!


I absolutely love your studio. It's huge and so well organized!

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