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Aug 11, 2008



i freakin' love those necklaces!!! i might just have to head on over ot the shop and pick a few up!

cindy k

i love her studio and those necklaces. it's nice to see the person, too.


So funny... this evening I was giving Laura a ride back to her place after our New Orleans Craft Mafia meeting and I mentioned Modish for some reason I don't remember now, and she told me how she was featured here today! And of course I hadn't checked my feed reader yet, so it's nice to see her here!

Also, while I LOVE my own New Orleans abode, I've gotta admit I'm jealous of that back porch and hammock! I've been craving a hammock to read in lately since we keep getting these amazing August cool fronts the last few weekends!


Ah, these are lovely! A new use to boring ties.


Say, your concept is wonderful. I'm currently loving your designs. Plus you have such a nice house, a very conducive workspace I believe. :)

Augusta Gutters

oh...lovely! the art from resourcefulness. you are a promising artist and designer please keep it up. fuel your wonderful works with inspiration...

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