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Jul 07, 2008


Melissa de la Fuente

Lovely jewelry and a lovely space! I love this feature, it is so fun!


well thanks for stopping by and checking it out Melissa!


Thanks for showcasing someone who has to craft in a small space!

Joanna (von Ach Ach Liebling)

From one liebling to another, hats off! I have my own design/ production jewelry studio now but for a long time worked from my cramped studio apartment. It wasn't half as cute-- or as neat!-- as the set up you have.

I hope Modish continues to show some more small, improvised work environments. It's a reminder that most people and many businesses start that way, and that you don't need elaborate digs or access to elite resources to join in the good handmakin' times. Sometimes limitations are the best spark for creativity.


Yes, definitely! I used to do all my crafting on my coffee table, so I too know what this is like and what a privilege it is to now have a whole room dedicated to my creative work!


Thanks Joanna! I'm dreaming of my own studio in the (hopefully) not to distant future. You're an inspiration!


What a great feature! I love seeing other artisan's work spaces & hearing about their creative process.

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