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Jul 25, 2008


Kim Hutchinson

WOW this is an awesome idea! I love that it is a "green" idea too!


hee hee, charlie is one of your "tools"


Thanks Kim! I'd seen a few other glass bowls that I liked, but then I found this one and loved the green tint and the recycled aspect of it.

Jena--hee hee, I'm glad you caught that! He's such a good sport.


Such a cute idea. Love your blog!


What a great idea! We have tons of birds here, and a bunch of feeders but our birdbath broke and I haven't replaced it yet. This looks pretty easy to do!

Thanks for the instruction ;D

*happy bird-watching* :)


Wow, thank you!! This is exactly what I want to have in my garden, and I cannot find anything in the local shops. Thanks a lot for the tutorial!

B. King

Unless you don't put too much water in the bowl, it would much too deep for smaller birds and they could drown, since the glass is too slippery for them to get a foothold to climb out. I came up with an excellent b.bath and did not have to use any tools. I simply purchased a HUGE pot - mine is blue with a shiny glaze to make it look old. I then got a large pottery saucer that is used under plant pots. I turned the pot upside down with the bottom facing up and placed the saucer on top. This set up is very, very heavy so the wind won't affect it, but the saucer is quite shallow and has a rough enough finish to it so that the birds have no problem with footing. Plus, it looks really cool. Never seen another one like it.


the picture are not showing up

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