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Dec 13, 2007


Victoria E

Woot for weekly eco-finds; I'm all over that :D


I sort of bristle at things like this when people say they are eco-friendly. How much water and how many eco-systems were destroyed in the process of mining for the gold and silver. How much mercury was used, how much carbon and methane was put into the air in order to dig this metal from the bones of the earth. Does planting one tree really make up for all of that? It makes me wonder.


Yeah, I thought about that when I was making this the "eco" find, but I figure that people are going to be buying gold and silver jewelry anyway, so if there's a slightly more "conscious" gold and silver jewelry to be had, that's also handmade, not mass-produced, etc, annnd taken from nature while also giving back to nature in some way (albeit perhaps slight compared to the mining aspect), than I think it is eco-friend(lier) than any gold/silver jewelry that you'd find at the mall, per se, and that makes it definitely worthy of being talked about.


Oh, these are lovely! (Eco-debates aside)


Eco-conscious? I think you mean eco-inspired.


Perhaps I do...
I guess I'm the only one who considers having a tree planted every time you purchase a piece of (eco-inspired) jewelry to be helpful to our earth? I happen to think Trees for the Future which is helping to re-build our forests is an "eco-consious" thing to support. but I guess I'm wrong? who needs trees anyway...

Carlina Gavin

It's stunning...

Logo Design

These designs. ohhh that's lovely.

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