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Jul 18, 2007




Here is a set of Nesting dolls I hand painted. I thought they'd be great to use for holding pill bottles or single doses so made them a bit medical themed. I with the photo was b etter but my Nikon's memory card when missing right before I finished them.

thymbyl designs

Thanks for the plug - I just found out via Google alerts. So nice to see them; I have many of these items in my thisnext.com recommendations list, too!


Tsktsk is doing some gorgeous paintings and prints of Matryoshka dolls. They can be found in her Etsy shop http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=61338 and I've recently done a Matryoshka pillow which can be found here http://tuttifruitidesigns.wordpress.com/2007/07/10/17-2/


Awesome, thank you ladies! Those are all great links so far!

Those dolls you painted are rad Lizzel!

And no problem thymbyl, I've been meaning to feature you for awhile, you make such cute things!

And belinda! Thanks for the links- I have your pillows in mind for a feature in the future, don't you worry- thanks for reminding me!

Keep 'em coming guys!

Miss Dot

I have some pendants in my "showroom" maybe with a bit of "encouragement" I might update my Etsy? http://www.planetlime.com.au/


look at all these lovely little ladies!!! thank you for posting this!

Marissa (aka mLee)

Thanks for including one of my pieces! Makes struggling with that hard wood for carving all the more worth it! And to be shown among such beauties is an honor.

That russian doll shirt by Maryink is so mine once my pregnancy is over and I get my figure back!


Aww...everything is so adorable!

Ali J


I love Matryoshka's! It took me a while to learn how to spell it... LOL but in that time I created a plush doll. I'm working on a series of plushies just like her. :)



Oh, you're welcome Marissa! Glad you found the post, I haven't had time to tell people they're included yet! :)

And Ali! I LOVE your doll, it's gorgeous and original!

Thanks for the additional links- anymore matryoshkas out there?

helen | pepperinapress

The fabulous skinnylaminx in South Africa has these Three Sisters matryoshka tshirts on Etsy! See:


Very cute.

I want to buy *everything* here! Ouch...


Nice post. I love these dolls. I have some vinyl wall art of them on my site: http://www.vinylwallart.com/russiandolls.html


that cell phone pouch by fambee is amazing!

patricia de miranda

is a good reference of russia graphic style the work of Shepard Fairey at http://www.obeygiant.com i love his work it inspire me to develop prints in repat also ;))

Rebecca Wagler

My "Sweet Little Baby Girl" Necklace... Inspired by my daughter's coming first birthday party with Matryoshka theme!

Rebecca Wagler

The Link: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=sr_list_1&listing_id=17910798


I LOVE all of these things....been looking for a matyoshka hoodie that I saw someone wearing. Anyone know where I can find that? No luck on etsy....

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