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Oct 24, 2006



Wow! I found your site just in time to sign up! Your site is a great read. :)

Rebecca L.

Jena. You don't even know how much I love your blog rambles...and dude, fix the giveaway so I win! yeah! :)


Oh little miss R, I'm glad you read my rambles- you'll have to take up the giveaway question with Mira, she's the real one in charge...


is that a luggage tag with an ANCHOR on it? wow. that's just fantastic.
i have such a sad life.


that IS a luggage tag with an anchor on it. pretty cool huh? whoever made it must be pretty fantastic herself! or himself. whoever made it that is. not you. well, not that you couldn't make something so nifty, but. well. ya know.
ya know?
still watch top model?


yeah. the person that made that luggage tag has to be the flyest most dopest person/creature around!
i only wish i knew somebody THAT cool.
i always forget to tivo top model so i've missed the last 2 episodes.
i just look at the photoshoots.
but all the people i like always get kicked off.
did i tell you about the time i touched tyra's arm?
and the time i saw jay at a gay bar?
good times.
good times.

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